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Maximising Your School’s Presence: Education Marketing Strategies That Work

Outsource2Us shares actionable education marketing strategies to elevate your school’s visibility and become a school of choice.

With over 9,500 schools in Australia, standing out from competition and attracting new families is more important than ever.

We have extensive experience in this, helping grow one school’s enrolments by 9.8% in a single year. Here are our top education marketing strategies to boost your enrolments and build vital long-term connections with your community.

1. Leveraging social media to build a positive, online presence showcasing your school’s key points of difference and facilities.

Parents are highly active on platforms like Facebook, making it an ideal space to showcase your school’s unique attributes and facilities. Regularly posting about events, academic and sporting successes, musicals, bands, and the array of programs offered can truly set your school apart. These updates can help to bolster your school’s reputation online and can significantly influence parents in choosing your school for their children.

2. Creating professional and cohesive branded collateral to give to parents attending enrolment tours.

First impressions matter immensely, especially during enrolment tours. That’s why investing in professionally printed, cohesive branded collateral is a crucial step. These materials should effectively advocate your school’s key messages and points of difference. From informative brochures to stationary merch, each piece of collateral should communicate your school’s professionalism. This tangible representation of your school ensures that prospective parents and students have a lasting and positive impression to take home.

3. Building relationships with the community and local businesses to help spread positive word of mouth.

Engage in proactive outreach by approaching local businesses for collaborative events, sponsorships, or partnerships. Hosting events with local businesses not only promotes community interaction but also showcases your school’s involvement and commitment to the area. Additionally, implementing loyalty programs involving students and local businesses as part of a reward system is an innovative way to mutually benefit and strengthen these relationships while encouraging community engagement.

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Emily Spence
Emily Spence
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