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Omnichannel Marketing – The Touch Points You Need to Reach Your Customers

Part Two of Outsource2Us’ in-depth four-part series, breaking down the concept of omnichannel marketing.

Following on from Part One of this Four Part series of breaking down the HubSpot 2022 Social media Trends report, is Part Two, where we discuss omnichannel marketing.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the integration of various marketing channels (such as; social media, the website, printed collateral, PR, content marketing, etc) that businesses use to interact with their customers, in such a way that it creates a seamless and consistent brand experience.

An omnichannel approach ensures that customers receive a consistent, positive experience through each channel, whether that is online or offline, by offering

  • A consistent brand experience
  • Personalised messages
  • Content formed by past interactions

This approach is very different from multichannel marketing. Multichannel marketing is where businesses produce and distribute content across multiple platforms. The focus for this strategy is the content, not the consumer. This strategy is particularly effective when a business simply wants to get its brand out there rather than targeting its content to a specific consumer.

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What are the Benefits of an Omnichannel Approach?

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to being bombarded with content from various brands through advertising with some estimating that we are served and consume up to 10,000 ads every single day. This is why businesses are having to work extra hard to connect with consumers and create engaging content that differentiates the brand. The benefits of an omnichannel approach include, but are not limited to;

  1. A Better User Experience: Because omnichannel marketing focuses on an individual’s experience across multiple devices and platforms, a business can adapt its content to suit how a consumer uses each channel. For example, on Facebook video content is king, whereas on Instagram an aesthetically pleasing feed is what captures attention, i.e., all posts are branded, have the same colour theme, and work well together visually on the businesses feed.
  2. Consistent Brand Identity: Creating this consistency will help build an identifiable brand image and tone. Businesses who focus on the overall experience will create more comprehensive strategies which ultimately translate into increased brand loyalty and better targeted messages.
  3. More In-depth Consumer Data: By tracking engagements across channels, brands can get a better understanding of what the customer journey looks like. Such as when and where customers prefer to engage and where campaigns are going to be most effective. Unlike multichannel marketing, this approach is more targeted. Instead of a business posting across all channels with no set target audience or strategy in mind, omnichannel marketing means a business only focuses on channels their customers are on. Not sure where that is? Look at the Yellow Social Media 2020 Report.
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