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Our Guide to LinkedIn’s New Live Events Feature

Outsource2Us explores the new features of LinkedIn Live Events and discusses what it means for small businesses during this transition to more virtual workspaces.

LinkedIn has integrated its features of LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events to form its new LinkedIn Live Events platform. These features now work together to allow organisations to stream live video content directly to LinkedIn Event attendees.

LinkedIn Live allows businesses and individuals to broadcast live video content to their platform in real-time. In contrast, LinkedIn Events provides members with an easy way to create and attend professional events, including workshops, seminars, sales, and networking events. In response to this rapid shift from in-person to online, LinkedIn’s new platform has come at the right time.

The New LinkedIn Live Events platform enables users to:

Host events in a trusted environment: with a unique, customer landing page and URL. Instead of your audience coming to you, LinkedIn has facilitated a place where you can meet audiences from anywhere. LinkedIn Live can use third-party broadcasting tools such as Restream, Streamyard, Socialive, and Wirecast; however, keep in mind that additional costs may be associated with these tools.

Attract the right professional audience: LinkedIn has made it easy for users to share their events with their followers and send invitations to all their profile connections. Businesses and individuals can promote events to their page or pay for LinkedIn advertising.

Events never stop: Do not worry the conversation can continue after the event has ended with the video tab. All members of your community can assess the video content wherever and whenever they like.

Communicate with and contribute to your community: Under ‘My Network’ tab users can scroll down and see events tailored to them as a member. Businesses can engage with their audience by sharing a post on their events page and can upload highlights of their event to the ‘video’ tab.

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What Does It Mean for Small Businesses?
  • It is important to note if you are planning on hosting a LinkedIn Live Event you need to apply to become a LinkedIn Live Broadcast by completing an application. LinkedIn Live Event is not a free service, so cost-benefit will need to be considered for your business.
  • Small business can share their knowledge with experts and boost credibility.
  • Help build communities which is usually a large part of most small business strategies.
  • Create a meaningful dialogue with your audiences in real-time.
Tips for a successful event:
  • The event title is a key selling point, think of something crisp and concise that will attract new attendees.
  • Keep the conversation going after the event; let your attendees know when they will hear from you. LinkedIn is about professional networking, and people enjoy one-on-one interaction.
  • Do not let your feed be empty: Give your audience a clear Call to Action. Either send them to your website, let them read something, ask questions, or make connections with fellow attendees.

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