Amanda Clark Dietitian – Portion Perfection Book/Program (plate & bowl)

Portion Perfection for Bands & Sleeves Book

Portion Perfection Snack Diary



The initial PR campaign was to launch the Portion Perfection Book & Weight Loss Program. Amanda Clark was promoted in the first instance to cement her credibility within the industry followed by the book & program. Through traditional PR, the media release on the book was sent to all relevant health media, book reviewers and lifestyle journalists. The program was also promoted separately and in conjunction with the book. The follow up book, Portion Perfection for Bands & Sleeves was launched to a limited media base as it has a very specific target audience. The Portion Perfection Snack Diary was launched 12 months later to the same media as the Portion Perfection Book. The primary goal was to gain coverage through book/product placement, excerpts, success stories and to comment on topical weight loss articles.



Amanda Clark was positioned as an expert and called upon for professional comment for many media outlets. Sales of the Portion Perfection book & program increased especially after television coverage was achieved. The Snack Diary was also very well received and the Portion Perfection for Bands & Sleeves did quite well in the selected area. Widespread media coverage included television, magazines, newspapers, online and radio. Continuous media coverage was gained throughout the campaign.

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