The Client:

Shirlaws’ vision is to build a business to change lives and be a positive influence for others. Shirlaws provides three ways for their clients of interacting with the services they offer, with an estimation of the company. With building businesses and creating strategies Shirlaws helps many people create what they want in business.

The Strategy:

We provided, within our strategy Event Management division, an event focused around the future of business. We utilised extensive public relations and email marketing to get maximum numbers of people to Shirlaw’s presentation on the “The Future of Business”.

The Result:

A great event with over 100 people in attendance, a very well received event that extended the reach of the brand. Due to this event and what it resulted in Shirlaws were able to sign up 4 new clients. The event extended the reach of the Shirlaws brand and left many of Brisbane business people feeling accomplished and well informed about the future.