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Purchasing keyword-based URLs, is it actually worth it?

Outsource2Us shares our insights on purchasing keyword-based URLs.

At Outsource2Us, more and more of our clients are receiving emails suggesting that they purchase keyword-based URLs, potentially costing them hundreds of dollars. But is this worth it?

What are Keyword Domains?

Essentially, a keyword domain is a top-level domain name that includes specific keywords that ideally relate to your company, products or services. For example, a keyword domain would be This domain comprises a key service in a key geographic region.

Is it worth purchasing a keyword domain?

You might be thinking to yourself, I can just purchase this keyword domain and point it at my current website, and we’ll start ranking for that same keyword. But that is not the case. Content needs to live at the domain for it to start ranking in Google – which means you need to create a new website.

There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding whether it is worth purchasing one of these domains.

1. Probably the most important to check is whether the domain has been used by another company in the past – who have let the domain lapse for renewal.

Taking on domains that may have a prior history means that you could automatically be negatively affected by the search engines (like Google, Bing and Yahoo), due to what the previous owners did with the URL.

2. If you truly want to dominate the search ranking for your chosen domain keyword (and other similar keywords) it will need to be more than just a single page landing page. Provided that there has been no prior history on the domain, you will have to start from scratch in terms of building trustworthiness with Google and its every changes algorithms.

You will also need to regularly create high-quality content and par-take in backlink building. Even after all this work, there is no guarantee of instant results. SEO is all about long-term strategies.

Moreover, a keyword domain that is suspected to be utilised merely for promoting backlink and traffic to the main website, will be overlooked by Google or even flagged.

Wrapping it all up

It may seem that we don’t like the idea of keyword domains but that isn’t necessarily the case. To ensure that you can fully reap the benefits of these keyword domains, you need a detailed and well thought out to ensure this website works to your company’s advantage.

You may still be asking are they worth it or not? Here are our top points to consider:

  • Are you using the keyword URL as your main website? Or will it be a secondary website for your business?
  • Do you have the capacity to organise and create new and exciting content for the website on a monthly basis that can then be optimised for Search Engine Optimisation?
  • Are you willing to build your keyword domain focused website from the ground up to establish its own authority?

If your answer was yes to these questions, then go ahead! However, if your answers were no, then you should possibly reconsider your plans to purchase keyword URLs.

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