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How To Run A Successful Corporate Event

A Successful Corporate Event Can Increase Brand Awareness For Your Business


No matter what size or style your upcoming event may be – whether it be a product launch,  board meeting, or end-of-year Christmas Function, all corporate events require supreme organisation, creativity, and a high level of attention to detail. Events are a great way for businesses to share key messages with an engaged audience while increasing brand awareness and profile. Outsource2Us have been helping their clients plan and run corporate events since their inception in 2011, and so have compiled a list of a few key tips on how to run a successful corporate event:

Define Your Event Purpose and Plan

It is important to define why you want to host the event so that your staff and guest list can be prepared to help you reach your goal. Ensure that your event date does not coincide with other major events that fall on the same day. Put together a step-by-step plan of what goes into your plan at every stage – before, during, and after to assist with delegation and what goes into each step.

Hire an Event Manager

This person must be highly qualified and organised, and be clearly briefed on the event’s purpose so that they can be held accountable for all aspects of running the event. It is vital that your event manager be a good communicator, and have had experience running events of a similar size and style to the event you are hosting.

Choose a Convenient and Accessible Venue

Choosing a venue for your event is critical to its success. It’s important to keep in mind the venue’s proximity to your workplace and whether it is convenient for your guest list to get to via public transport, or has on-site parking available. It is also important to consider the number of guests you intend to invite, what type of food/catering you require, and if you need any special equipment e.g. data projectors, microphones, and lectern.

Keep Guests Engaged

Long presentations listening to someone speak or long PowerPoint slide shows are easy for guests to become disengaged. Therefore, it is important that the event planner ensures guest speakers are well briefed and informed on the key messages they must deliver. It is also important that the event planner has explored delivery methods that require active participation from the audience to ensure maximum engagement and a memorable delivery. Another important element to ensure guests are not kept waiting is staffing requirements; aim for 1 bar staff for every 60 guests, and 1 server for every 20 guests at a meal function.

Make Your Event Memorable

To ensure a maximum turnout for your corporate event, it’s important to make it memorable. Choose a theme that has some creative leeway with lighting, music, and decorations. Food is another area where you can be creative, ensure guests have lots of choices, and consider how the food will be served, e.g. as an artistic buffet where you have room for people to serve themselves or served on platters for cocktail-style events thus allowing people to move around and interact whilst eating.

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