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Selecting the Right Font for your Brand

Outsource2Us highlights how different fonts can convey different messages

Fonts have the ability to provide someone with a preconception before they even know what a message is communicating. Selecting the right font for your brand will determine whether your customers and potential customers perceive your business as friendly, corporate, creative, elegant, approachable, high-end, etc.You also need to keep in mind that the font you select for your brand will feature on your logo, business cards, vehicle signs, flyers, website, invoices, quotes, and a range of other branded collateral. Sometimes, you can use the same font for everything, and sometimes you might need to select two options and include in your Style Guide  – as your preferred font might look great with your logo, but maybe it’s not easy to read when used on a professional document, for example.

Who is your audience?

Before you start looking for the right font to make your business stand out, you need to establish your audience. Knowing who you’re talking to and what emotions you want to convey can help you select different elements of your ideal font. For example, a high-end jewellery selling engagement rings would need a font that is completely different from a travel agency selling group packages to university students.

Selecting the right font style

Fonts can usually be classified into one of the following four font categories:

1. Serif

Serif fonts can easily be identified by the little feet on the majority of letters. Fonts that fall into this category often portray a feeling of authority, tradition and respect.

2. Sans Serif

Sans Serif fonts do not feature ‘feet’. These fonts are often seen as clean, modern, stable and universal. You can’t go wrong with Sans Serif fonts as they are easier to read on computers.

3. Script

Script fonts emit a feeling of femininity, elegance, intrigue and creativity. These fonts historically were used to provide readers with a more personal touch, as it symbolises a person’s handwriting.

4. Decorative

Decorative fonts are eye-catching and can make a statement but only when used sparingly. These fonts are perfect as the title for a poster or a digital ad but do not work as body text.

Keep it consistent

A business should have no more than 2-3 different fonts (heading, subheading, and body text). Not only does this help communicate your key messages, it also makes the reader feel that each communication is part of the same whole, thus cementing your brand personality.

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Selecting the right font for your business’ brand is only one part of the branding process. Outsource2Us can provide you with a full branding package which can be tailored to meet your business’ needs.