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In the digital world we live in today, finding information is easier than ever. When your customers want to know something, they just Google it! With over 99,000 searches per second, Google Ads allow you to pop up in front of your customers when they need you the most.

Do you need more leads? Need to increase revenue? No matter how big or small, all businesses can harness the capabilities of Google Ads!

How we can help you:


Improvements to ad targeting and optimisation.


Peace of mind that your account is actively managed.


Enhanced Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


Expertise in leveraging Google’s advertising tools.


Detailed reporting and analysis.

Our Google Ads Management Process


Before starting out, we examine your business’ needs and goals to make sure our ad strategy is appropriately tailored and assists you in reaching these goals faster. It’s in this phase that we are able to recommend website changes and provide campaign budgets.


Ensuring that we are setting up a campaign with a solid structure is essential to the success of the campaign. Making sure the ad copy utilises your USP (Unique Selling Points) as well as written in such a way that drives the maximum amount of traffic to your website.


Google Ads operates on a Pay Per Click (PPC) model and all optimisation entails real-time data to make modifications and updates to make the most out of your investment. Our specialists will continuously check and optimise your campaigns to help improve your Google Ads performance.


Each month we provide in-depth reporting on all marketing activities, which outlines the success of the campaigns throughout the month, work completed and recommendations for the coming month. It is the transparency that our clients appreciate.

Your Questions Answered

  1. No lock in contracts. We ask you give us 3 months to fully optimise the campaign and have a chance to provide you with the best possible results.
  2. Total Transparency. We provide End of Month reporting that shows you the highs and lows of your campaign each month with actionable strategies for continuable improvements.
  3. No Set and Forget Campaigns. We are constantly working on your campaigns, working to get the best ROI for our customers.
  4. Dedicated Australian based Ads Manager. Don’t get tossed around to different people in the business each month. Work with a dedicated account manager, who truly understands your goals and KPIs.
  5. Ownership of your Account. We make sure that you own all your own assets, so if you decide to move on, you have all the history and information readily available at your fingertips.
  6. Set Fee. Pay one set management fee each month and pay your click budget direct to platform. We won’t mark it up.

This depends. Your target audience’s size, the competition, and the number of leads and sales you’re after all contribute to how much you’d need to spend. We will provide a forecast that will suggest impressions and clicks based on a recommended budget. As a starting point, we typically recommend around $750 per month.

You absolutely can, but will you be getting the best ROI? Probably not.

At Outsource2Us, our dedicated Digital Marketing managers spend all day, every day running and optimising campaigns for our clients. It’s this experience that allows us to run campaigns as effectively as possible.

There is also a lot of work in running a Google Ads campaign. You cannot simply set and forget it. It needs consistent management and monitoring: checking keywords, targeting, etc., not to mention ensuring all the targeting is set-up and working correctly.

The Word Around Town


Office Manager, Funding Strategies

“Thank you, Outsource2Us team, for managing our Google Ads, we really appreciate your experience and advice, and the increase in enquiries of course! Natasha has a wealth of knowledge and is our ‘go to’ marketing guru!”

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