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About Outbound Sales Generation

Outsource2Us specialises in optimising outbound lead generation for businesses, tailoring direct messages to specific prospects. Our experienced team initiates effective communication to ensure successful conversions. B2B challenges, such as strategy determination, consistent implementation, engaging decision makers, and measuring campaign success, are expertly addressed by us. Recognising that 50% of sales time is often wasted on unproductive prospecting, we overcome these hurdles to yield optimal lead generation results for your business.

Understanding your target audience is paramount for positioning your business as a premier lead generator. With Outsource2Us, sourcing high-quality leads becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on meaningful follow-ups and maximising your lead generation efforts.

How we can help you:


Comprehensive lead lists.


Tailored outbound sales strategies.


Increased sales potential.


Robust strategies for visibility.


Effortless lead generation.

An outbound sales strategy from start to finish


Strategy Session Implementation

Our strategy session guides you through implementing the 4Ds of new business development: determining campaign direction, defining the target audience, developing a lead generation strategy, and duplicating for ongoing success.


Efficient List Building and Email Automation

Outsource2Us addresses contact identification challenges with a full-time, fully trained list builder. Our automated email system ensures personalised communication, filtering responses for genuine interest and sales readiness.


Tailored Email Templates and Software Setup

Leveraging email marketing expertise, we create engaging templates and set up email software for seamless execution. Our comprehensive solution ensures impactful content delivery, capturing attention and driving results.


Expect Exceptional Results

Our outbound methodology brings a surge in lead generation and sales, streamlining operations for maximised efficiency. Trust our targeted approach for impressive results, enhancing outcomes and contributing to a thriving bottom line.

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We have an impressive track record of helping businesses thrive through outbound sales & lead generation. Our team has over 20 years experience initiating effective communication to ensure successful conversions. It isn’t enough to blindly reach out to mass market anymore – communications need to be specific and targeted.

Not sure where to start? Download our Outbound Sales Generation Toolkit We’ve included a step-by-step process on how we can help your business go to the next level.

Your Questions Answered

We can help you audit and refine your current sales process, and plan out your marketing solution accordingly.

Outbound sales generation campaigns have success across many different industries however we can do a sales review process to work out the best action plan for your business.

After the initial 30 day domain warm up period we start sending 150 emails a week, you can expect to start receiving warm leads within a few weeks.

The first 30 days of our campaign are warming a new (similar) domain to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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Outbound Sales Generation

Let a Brisbane based Outbound Sales Generation company enhance your outcomes and drive impressive results through our targeted outbound sales generation approach.