Photography and Videography with Outsource2Us

With only a split second to make an impression, we use photography and videography to speak to customers in a way they will notice: by using visuals.

In today’s digital world, photography and videography are essential tools for any successful campaign. Our talented team translates clients’ messages into a visual language, one which will be seen, understood and remembered.

We are passionate about using visual content to maximise engagement. That is why we offer a range of services because we understand that different clients need different strategies to achieve the same goal.

Our experts will:

  • Take stunning high-quality images for use on websites, social media and in printed collateral.
  • Visit your business to interview, film and photograph at your location.
  • Film and photograph events, performances and anywhere else that will promote your business.
  • Expertly edit images and videos to create the best impression.
  • Get creative with the latest technology and ensure maximum sharing.
  • Offer technological and creative guidance for products and other shoots.
  • And, most importantly, create great video and photographic content that generates engagement.

At Outsource2Us, we deliver exactly what you need to promote your business and manage all aspects of digital and social marketing. This approach means we need excellent videography and photography services that support content writing and social posting. We think of visual content holistically and, with every photograph and video, ask: how is this helping our clients achieve their goals?

Drone Videography and Photography

At outsource2us we now offer Drone Videography and Photography, whether you have a new development that needs to be photographed or you would like an ariel shot of your business outsource2us can help. With our accredited Drone Pilot and registered DJI drone we will be able to assist with any of your Drone needs.

Within the guidelines of Civil Aviation Safety Authority 2021.


If you think that your business needs something eye catching, complete our FREE quote today!

Spot the Difference: Professional Photography vs Amateur Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words and, if your brand has unprofessional images, you are telling people, in at least a thousand words, not to take you seriously. If terms like bracketing, exposure and lighting ratio fly over your head, you should consider putting down the camera and consulting Outsource2Us.

Here are five amateur photography mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Phone Photography – Just because they are called smartphones does not mean they can do everything. When it comes to professional photography that generates cut through, a camera is the best option.
  1. An Abundance of Artificial Lighting – Even using a simple flash can make the difference between an amateur and professional photography. Embrace natural light for better-looking photographs and enhance with the right lighting.
  1. Cropping, Not Zooming – If you think you can crop an image instead of zooming in, you will end up with pixelated and difficult to see images.
  1. Excessive Editing – This is the easiest trap to fall into. An image should look realistic, so if you play around too much with an image, it will annoy your audience.
  1. Multiple Angles – Chances are that everyone has already seen the angle you are using in 90 per cent of your shots. For a more professional looking photograph, try experimenting with different angles.

If you recognise some of these things in your images and videos, you may be portraying the wrong thing about your business. At Outsource2Us, we understand how important images are in communicating your brand and want our clients’ visual content to look professional.


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