Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Services

Looking for that competitive edge? Market research plays an important role in the process of understanding who your customer is, developing your products and services for them, creating brand stretch and getting in touch with consumer issues or problems. As one of the most powerful tools utilised in business development, market research will help you to reallocate your resources where they can provide the greatest return on investment.

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Competitor research completed for a recruitment company through phone interviews with market leaders.

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Our Market Research Process

Outsource2Us can help you uncover answers about how customers think, feel and position your brand in the market. Knowing these insights can help your business to offer exceptional customer experiences both online and offline. Market research requires a short-term investment to save valuable resources and reduce costly mistakes over the long term. Whether you are an existing business looking to increase your market share, launch a new product, embark on a fresh marketing strategy or a new small business just starting out, targeted market research should be your first step.

  • Our Marketing Managers meet with you to ascertain your needs
  • From this discussion, we will identify the best way to collect insights, whether quantitative, qualitative or both
  • Our Marketing Managers will create a list of questions for your approval
  • We will conduct the market research within your given timeframe
  • Our Marketing Managers will analyse the results
  • We will create a presentation highlighting the key findings and our recommendations

Business Growth Through Our Targeted Market Research Services




Personal Interviews


Focus Groups


Competitor Research


Why should a company do market research?

Market research has a key role in developing marketing strategy by providing you with evidence-based business decisions.  Good market research can be the difference between driving your business forward and poor decisions that can damage your business.

What kind of market research services does Outsource2Us provide?

We provide the below areas of market research services. Contact Us and we will help you pick the services you need.

  1. Surveys
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Personal Interviews
  4. Competitor Research

How can market research help to inform my business strategy?

Here are a few ways that market research can help inform your business strategy:

  • It can give you an accurate view of the market, competitive and brand perceptions, and movements.
  • It can help you determine who and where your customers are (and are not), and who is most valuable to you through segmentation studies and usage and attitude studies.
  • It helps you understand the real needs for your business, services and products, and whether or not you are meeting those needs.
  • It can help with a successful product launch or brand relaunch.
  • It can help you make prudent advertising, packaging, and promotional decisions, as well as help you tailor more effective marketing messages.

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