Outsource2Us Understands the Magnitude of Not Only Good but Great Planning

When we meet with any client, situational analysis is the key starting point for starting the process of planning. For every project, big or small, Outsource2Us creates the roadmap that will be the all-important marketing management tool to move forward. The plan becomes the blueprint in the delivery and execution of the marketing strategy and a great plan must have its foundation in a thorough situational analysis.

At Outsource2Us, we thrive on transparency and efficiency. With the creation of a solid plan, clear communication is set from the very outset, financial needs are prioritised, the competitive advantage is laid out and it provides the application and direction to move from plan to action. Business analysis can be underestimated in importance, yet at Outsource to Us, the detail is paramount in determining the best solutions to achieve business and project objectives. As your outsourced marketing manager, our analysis focuses on identifying any changes to the marketing that are necessary and developing new pathways to achieve set growth goals.

Five Key Pointers When Looking at Effective Planning:

  1. Bolster the connections between the process of planning and situational analysis. This should include an understanding of the common goal and where the organisation wants to be strategically. We need to also determine what are all the activities in the organisation are that lead to sales, so that marketing can support and encourage those activities.
  2. Be objective and understand the core values of the organisation. Planning is organic and dynamic, to we encourage the whole team to be involved, whether client-side or from Outsource2Us.
  3. Use appropriate and achievable benchmarks and seek best practices.
  4. Provide relevant and timely feedback in the analysing and planning process, this is fundamental.
  5. Planning is the crucial stage to identify what needs to be done and identifying elements which can be reviewed, altered and possibly eliminated. It provides a clear roadmap for everyone to follow.

Your outsourced marketing team then goes to work to implement a plan that everyone has bought into.

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