Have a Clear Direction For Your Brand Moving Forward

The Brand Workshop will define your brand pyramid, the essence of your brand. We define your promise to the market, or positioning and the key messages to support that positioning. You will leave with a clear direction for your brand moving forward and a clear creative brief to issue to your chosen graphic designer.


  • To have everyone clear about the objectives for the business from a marketing communications point of view.
  • To define the positioning of the brand and agree the name for the business if not determined.
  • To agree target market, key messages, goals and overall positioning within your industry.
  • To agree a tactical approach and timing to launch and beyond.

What the session covers:

  • Discuss the market overall and current communications efforts, State of the market, competitor review.
  • Discuss objectives for company or brand.
  • Review overall product/service offering, and differentiation.
  • Review any current business targets by product or customer segment.
  • Positioning, targeting and key messages.
  • Discuss a holistic approach to the brand.
  • Corporate identity, Brand, Positioning, Product & Services.
  • Define target markets, profile each target and define key messages per target.
  • Discuss current market position if not a new business and how do people speak of the company.
  • Develop your brand pyramid.
  • Workshop desired positioning or promise to the market internally and externally.
  • Discuss how to make the positioning work across all communications levels.
  • Discuss mandatories for a creative brief and image definition.

Market Tactics:

  • Given the above, discuss some potential approaches on how you will communicate with your clients and or staff.
  • Discuss communications objectives and possible tactics to market.
  • Discuss target media and online affiliations.
  • Agree on a plan to move forward.


  • Become clear on the direction of your brand and the best marketing communications approach.
  • Define target markets, key messages and your promise to the market.
  • Leave with a clear path to launch your brand and to gain maximum impact in the market.

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