Marketing Workshops Tailored For Your Business

Outsource2Us strives to provide the best quality marketing strategies for our clients. Our marketing workshop aims teach the skills in a step by step process that will be needed to implement the same high quality of marketing in your business.

This workshop is tailored and facilitated by an experienced Marketing Consultant.

Points that will be discussed in the Marketing Workshop:

  • Define your objectives for growing the business
  • What is your the brand positioning and key messages?
  • How to define your target market
  • What outside influences are there? State of the market, doing a competitor review
  • Review overall product/service offering, and differentiation or USP
  • Discuss how to make your positioning work across all communications platforms
  • Discuss some potential approaches on how you will communicate with your clients, prospects and/or staff
  • Discuss communications objectives and possible tactics to go to new market
  • Discuss target media and online affiliations
  • Discuss the place of social media
  • How to develop a tactical plan
  • KPIs, ROI and tracking
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