Master Social Media For Your Business Marketing

Outsource2Us wants to help you making sense of social media and how to use it to drive your business to another level of success.  The workshop will be a step by step guide on how to maximise social media opportunities and translate that to quantifiable successes to your business.

This is a tailored Social Media Workshop facilitated by an experienced Social Media Consultant.

Comprising around 70 key discussion points, the highly informative session is designed to involve all the relevant stakeholders in your business in the process of developing a strategy from the outset.

We look at Social Media in general, making sure everyone is one the same page in terms of their understand of each platform and how it can be used and in particular how it relates to your business. We look at how your competitors are using Social Media platforms and how your business can approach Social Media engagement to best effect.

Social Media Management

The Social Media Workshop discussion points include:

  • An introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Myth Busters
  • Outsource 2 Us cover each Social Media Platform – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Building and Managing your Social Media Community
  • Social Media Commercial Realities and Considerations
  • Your Social Media strategy
  • The Complete Social Media Workshop Package also includes production and delivery of a tailored Social Media Strategy Development Guide and Social Media
  • Policy Development Guide

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If you would like to enquire about our workshops, or perhaps would like to learn more about using the power of social media to boost your business, give us a call at Outsource2Us on 07 3257 2027 or send us a message today!