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Signs You Should Outsource Your Marketing: Your Marketing Activities Lack Consistency

Outsourcing Helps Ensure Your Marketing Activities Are Consistent

Growing businesses can benefit greatly from outsourcing their marketing, but not every business is ready for it. The greatest benefit of it is that you gain access to a complete team – like a full marketing department for a fraction of the cost and time.
The Problem With a One-Man Marketing Team
Most of our clients come to us because they know how important marketing is in growing their business. They usually have someone who is “in charge” of their marketing, but this person often already has other duties and responsibilities and takes on marketing as an extra item on their to-do list. Sometimes, clients even have a marketing manager in their team, but because marketing has evolved so much and entails so many different fronts, this single person is trying to juggle the equivalent of three roles. The problem with this is that marketing then becomes rushed or an after-thought, something that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t – but for your marketing to be truly effective, successful and deliver results, consistency is key.
What is Marketing Consistency?
Consistency, to our team at Outsource 2 Us, covers a lot more than just how often you post on social media (though that is important too). We make sure your brand, style, your voice, and your aesthetics are always consistent, so your customers can recognise you, get to know you, trust you, and build a long-lasting relationship with your business. Marketing consistency also means getting fresh content added to your website regularly, so search engines recognise your website as relevant. We often see new clients who have spent a lot of money on beautiful websites that never get updated – whether because they don’t have time to write new content and upload it, or because they actually don’t know how to do it.
Tailoring To Clients Needs
With our clients, we tailor our approach to suit their needs – if they need us to become their partners to guide their growth, we are happy to take the lead and manage their marketing strategies and activities, but if what they want is coaching to learn how to develop a sustainable marketing plan that they can manage themselves, we are happy to do that as well. One of our success stories is Tile Wizards. Through the past few years, we’ve been working with them as an outsourced marketing department, we have ensured their brand and voice are consistent, from new website designs and promotional posters to the new blogs that get written weekly, this consistency has not only delivered results digitally, through improved search engine rankings and increased website traffic, but we have also achieved increased foot traffic in stores. If you need help growing your business, and are ready to outsource your marketing, contact us today! We love meeting new people, hearing their business stories, and coming up with a plan to guide their business growth.

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Natasha Zoller
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