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Social Media Marketing Guide for Education Institutions

Outsource2Us explains how to leverage social media in your education marketing strategy to boost enrolments.

Having a social media presence is more than just creating a Facebook page, it’s about connecting with prospective students, parents, alumni and the wider community in an engaging way.

In the blog, we’ll explain what social media platforms you should be using and how best to utilise these channels in your education marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform attracts different target audiences and has unique ways to share content. As parents are the primary decision-makers for student enrolment, this is the audience that should be prioritised. Here’s two platforms your school should be using:

Facebook: There were 21,904,700 Facebook users in Australia in April 2023, with people aged 25 to 34 using the platform the most (5,300,00). Followed by people aged 35 to 44 (4,000,000). This data means parents are actively using Facebook.

YouTube: This channel is the second largest search engine and a powerful tool that can help you boost your online presence, expand your reach, and connect with a wider audience. Upload any promotional videos to better showcase your school’s key points of difference.

Creating a Content Schedule and Regular Posting

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Establishing a content schedule ensures that your audience knows when to expect new and engaging content from your institution. Academic and sporting achievements, school events such as sports carnivals and musicals, facility updates and newsletters are all great examples of what to post online and build a positive online presence.

Monitoring Comments (Especially Negative) and Engagement

Engagement on social media isn’t a one-way street. Monitoring comments and engaging with your audience is paramount. Addressing both positive and negative comments promptly and professionally demonstrates attentiveness and care. Negative comments, in particular, should be handled with tact, aiming to resolve concerns and showcase the institution’s dedication to student and parent satisfaction.

Social media is a powerful tool for education marketing, allowing institutions to reach a wide audience and establish meaningful connections. By carefully selecting the right platforms, maintaining a consistent content schedule, and actively engaging with the audience, education institutions can effectively boost enrolments and nurture a positive online brand presence.

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