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The Backlash to Instagram Advertising

It is clear that advertising on Instagram is a fast and easy way for a company to get their name/product out there for many potential consumers to see. However many companies are beginning to see the backlash incorporated with thoughtless advertising on Instagram and why it could be negatively affecting them more than helping. Understanding your audience and the platform you’re playing on is so important.

RTL Plumbing Case Study

Client: RTL Plumbing Services: Market Research, Google Adwords, Social Media Management, Graphic Design Overview: RTL Plumbing engaged Outsource2Us to manage all digital marketing activities for the company. We started with streamlining their Google Adwords and display account by refining keywords, designing collateral for social media and display advertising, and coaching the internal Marketing Assistant in…

reputation management

Social Media and Your Reputation

With the advent of the Internet in our everyday lives, new technologies and ways to connect with different groups within our society such as social media, it is easier than ever, to ruin your reputation… I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom but the saying goes “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” *These days it could take 140 characters and as little as a second!

PR Professionals now have to wear a myriad of ‘hats’ to protect our client’s reputation, drive media awareness, and build brand advocacy. More than ever, your PR company is your friend!
Tools to communicate, share and stand out in the message-cluttered market are getting cheaper and yet more powerful. With so many accessible and effective channels to market, the ability to reach your audience and have them ‘hear’ your message expands. However, there are things you need to be wary of with social media and your reputation:

How to Use Social Media as a Sales Tool

For many businesses, creating social media content is just the latest on their corporate ‘to do’ list, and while some would recognise its importance in building brand awareness, others are discovering how to turn these virtual communities into tangible sales. Greg Moore, Managing Director of Huthwaite Asia-Pacific wrote recently that social media now provides a…