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Telemarketing Is Not Dead

Outsource 2 Us explains why Telemarketing is not a ‘dirty’ word, and why it should be part of your marketing strategy!

Telemarketing has become a bit of a ‘dirty’ word and has been labelled as an outdated, inappropriate marketing tool. Despite the prevalence of digital media, our experience has taught us that traditional media platforms including; newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, direct marketing and telemarketing, are all still relevant and when used appropriately, are still very effective.

Truth be told, telemarketing needs a facelift. It’s all about the implementation and if conducted properly, telemarketing has a very valid place in the marketing toolbox. Here we have compiled a list of some of our most successful strategies and techniques to ensure you get the best result out of your telemarketing:

1. Take Time Developing Your Leads and Script

Curating your leads takes time, and a large part of your pre-call market research needs to include identifying and refining your target market. Bad data can easily derail your telemarketing campaign, so it’s important that your list is built up of people with the right job, in the right location, with the right size of business and with whom you can profitably trade.

2. Know Your Product/Service

It is vital to know everything about your product or service before conducting any telemarketing. You need to know the purpose of your call and be prepared to answer any questions relating to your pitch. Customers can sense hesitation and fear by the sound of your voice, so it’s imperative you sound clear, calm and confident in your delivery.

3. Know Your Audience Inside and Out

This may seem like an obvious one, but you need to be able to get across to your customer, why they should speak to you and what you have that the customer can’t do for themselves within the first few seconds of the call. Don’t just make this up on the spot, use a script to ensure you sound clear and can emphasise, what’s in it for the customer. Knowing what’s the best time of day to call your customer will also ensure you get the best result.

4. Have Some Effective Ice-Breakers

The last thing you want to do when making calls is sound ‘scripted’ or like a telemarketer. Effective telemarketers sound relaxed and comfortable, use natural language and don’t use jargon that the customer wouldn’t understand. Rather than launching straight into your sales speech, ask for permission then build up some rapport with your customers by asking a blend of open-ended and closed questions to determine their needs and demonstrate your interest. The customer should always be speaking more than the salesperson.

5. Develop a Thick Skin

Telemarketing isn’t for the faint-hearted because it’s inevitable that you will face rejection, so it’s important that you develop some resilience. When a call goes wrong, it’s easy to lose faith which can make the task become increasingly daunting. Prepare your responses to common objections that come up and learn to embrace them. Objections shouldn’t come as a surprise, and if you’re expecting them, then they shouldn’t derail your call. Check out the ABC’s article for why developing resilience is important in the workplace.

6. Do Some Training

No one is born ready for telemarketing and its various approaches. It takes patience, time, training and guidance to enhance your results. With the right training, it will significantly enhance the likelihood of success with your campaign.

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