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The Importance Of Brand Consistency

Keeping Your Brand Identifiable

When creating a brand for your business it is absolutely imperative for you to create an easily recognisable and unique brand so that any customer can know your brand at a glance. When deciding on a brand, unless you go through a full rebranding in the future, having a colour palate, logo, style, and brand promise are just a few of the key pieces of a brand, and keeping these consistent helps to keep your business recognisable and helps your clients and customers to come back regularly and continue with their patronage at your business.

Keeping Your Brand Promise

Your brand promise is the promise you have made to your customers in regards to the service or product you want to provide, for example fast and cheap food from a fast food chain. Keeping your brand consistent means that you have to keep your brand promise and deliver the same service or product every time a customer pays you. By keeping this consistency, you can guarantee that any satisfied customers are very likely, if not guaranteed, to return to your place of business to work with you again. It is well known that a returning customer is the highest paying customer; brand consistency is the key to creating these kinds of customers. Keeping a consistent brand promise can be difficult, as it does require a unique and high quality product to keep the customers returning, however keeping your brand consistently high quality will guarantee a higher ROI over time.

Brand Consistency Doesn’t Mean Brand Stagnation

Keeping your brand consistent doesn’t mean you can’t change your business, products, or even your brand. Brand consistency means when you build a brand you keep your goals, deliverables, and tone consistent with the brand you created at the beginning or the new brand you have created after rebranding your business. Keeping your brand consistent can give you the opportunity to grow your business on a solid foundation and expand your repertoire or offers to keep your brand fresh and interesting, while keeping your brand consistency and promises to keep return customers coming back week to week.

Brand consistency can seem like a topic that is common sense, however it is easy to let things slip up when dealing with all the moving parts of a growing business. Keeping your brand consistent is a necessary procedure to keep all the cogs in your business turning together, driving more sales, new customer interest and keeping old customers returning.

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