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The New .au Domains Are Coming… Are You Ready?

Is this a good move for your local business? Outsource2Us explains in our latest blog!

It’s no secret. Australians love to shorten words… from Australia to Straya, football to footy or afternoon to arvo. Now, Australian businesses will have the chance to shorten their domain names too from to

Soon, we’ll no longer be but instead

Am I eligible for a .au domain?

The ‘.au Domain Administration’ (auDA) has announced that .au Direct domain names will be available for businesses to register for the first time, starting from 24th March 2022. However, before diving into it all, you need to consider the relevant eligibility and allocation criteria.

To be eligible for a new .au domain name, you must have an “Australian presence”. The good news is, if you already have a .au extension on your existing domain, you will have ‘priority allocation which will give you 6 months to purchase that domain before it becomes available on the market.

However, this transition can be a problem if you have an existing .au extension linked with the same domain as another business. For example, if you have “” and another business has “”.


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What are the benefits?
1. Build Consumer Trust

Having .au at the end of your domain name will show your clients that your business is Australian. It will act as a stamp of credibility and trust as Australians and will increase your brand’s validity.

2. Avoid Confusion Amongst Other Companies

As previously stated, businesses can potentially encounter conflicts if their company’s existing extension matches another. By making sure you register for the new .au domain, you not only ensure that you own your business domain, but also prevent potential confusion amongst prospective clients.

3. Improve SEO

It is no secret that search engines, such as Google are extremely comprehensive when placing websites at the top of search results. They take into consideration a range of factors that assist them in filtering the most appropriate answers. One of these factors is location.

Switching to a .au domain name will instantly signal to both Google and any potential clients that your company is Australian based. When combined with help from SEO optimisation experts, your click-through rates can skyrocket.

Wrapping It All Up

As trust for .au domains increases, local businesses will start to see positive results. Whilst this move may only seem like three letters being cut off, if you’re not ready, you may be a risk of damaging your online presence. Find the time and register your interest for your new domain name today to prepare yourself for 24th March 2022!

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