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Top Childcare Marketing Tips to Increase Your Occupancy

The number of childcare centres across Australia is growing drastically, so how can you get your centre in the eyes of local parents?

Effectively marketing your childcare centre could mean the difference between managing an active waitlist or an empty centre. Setting yourself apart from your competition is vital and often comes down to the quality of your childcare centre’s marketing. Whether you’re opening a new centre or simply trying to fill your existing centre, marketing your childcare centre with a clear strategy could make all the difference!

Childcare marketing has the potential to improve your business on multiple levels. A clear marketing strategy has the power to maintain business profitability by increasing your enrolments while encouraging the retention of current families and educators. This can have a huge impact on your centre by fostering a familiar and reliable environment that parents and children can trust and return to each year. With a foundation of quality processes and staff, the introduction of these three simple marketing tips can help you reach your target market and achieve a high occupancy next enrolment.

Invest in a Website

No matter your budget, a website is one of the best investments you can make in your centre. It can significantly improve the first point of contact for your centre. An aesthetic, user-friendly website is one of the easiest ways to put your best foot forward and impress parents.

Your website should be fast, easy to use and show the centre’s identity while clearly presenting essential information. Furthermore, a refined website will improve the centre’s exposure and remove a significant volume of guesswork from a parent’s decision. Pictures of the centre and an ‘about us’ section with staff profiles have the power to build trust and help you convert the enquiry.


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Social Media Promotion

Social media offers your centre a unique opportunity to market your services in any way you desire. It also has the power to act as communication platform for the families and the wider community, allowing you to tell your centre’s story and show local parents what makes it so special. These brief avenues of interaction can have a substantially positive impression on the community when done effectively, and ultimately become part of your brand’s development. The opportunities of social media are overwhelming and creating a Facebook page for your centre is a must!

Host an Event

Events are a great way to generate exposure for your centre and build trust with the local community. A BBQ or open day are some examples of low-cost events that allow parents to freely see the centre, meet your educators, and ask questions. Events like these have a lasting impression that help embed your centre into the community and help build parents’ trust in your centre from its launch. Events provide a great way of establishing a strong positive impression with the community that can result in high word-of-mouth referrals, leading to a stable environment, a high level of satisfaction with your families and lower childcare marketing costs in the future.

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