Established the Global Weight Management Congress’ branding and position as the epitomic weight management forum. The priority was to get information out to as many relevant media outlets as possible through various media strategies. During the four-month lead-up to the Congress, an intensive PR campaign was implemented while a total of five media releases were sent nationally, statewide and locally, to over 200 media outlets. A specific type of media release has also provided speakers the opportunity to promote themselves in order for them and the Congress to gain extra exposure.

Project Progress



Media coverage was achieved from all forms of target media which included several outlets such as Australasian Leisure + e-news, Fitness Network + e-news, Australian Hospital & Healthcare Bulletin, Cosmetic Beauty, Australian Brains, Retail Pharmacy, The Daily Edition TV and ABC Radio Weekends. A handful of other media outlets requested for information after the event, with the aim of promoting for the next event as well. Extra promotional opportunities were gained for speakers Dr. Helena Popovic and Dr. Cris Beer which was mutually beneficial. Strong relationships were also built with the media around the congress and various speakers, which will be beneficial for any future promotion of the Congress.


Under the valuable guidance of the ever-reliable Hilary Knights, we have successfully established the branding and position of the Global Weight Management Congress as the dominant weight management forum. With our constantly growing partnership, we have managed to bring all elements of the Congress together within a short period of time and have paved a new way forward. Through Hilary’s strategic approach, we decided to spread information out to as many relevant media outlets as possible and as a result, media coverage was achieved from all forms of target media. Now that strong relationships have been built and extra promotional opportunities were gained for speakers, we can look forward to becoming an even bigger brand.

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