Healthy Inspirations is a national health and fitness organisation with centers right across Australia. Focused mainly on the female marketing aged 30 to 45.

Project Progress



An intensive PR Campaign was implemented to gain national awareness of the Healthy Inspirations chain. A key facet was promoting a new ‘cutting-edge’ campaign in conjunction with the company’s rebranding.

This was done through a mixture of traditional PR, e-news and newsletters. Separate mini-campaigns were also offered to individual centres focusing on local angles.

Media releases were sent out on a monthly basis, along with time-worthy media pitches, client success stories and breaking business news.


Extensive media coverage, including feature article placement, print, online, radio and television, was achieved for Healthy Inspirations. This not only helped to successfully promote the company’s new campaign, it brought new franchisees onboard and increased new memberships, cementing Healthy Inspirations as a leader in the weight loss industry for women.

Healthy Inspirations Logo Tile