Our website design team helps shape the strategy for our clients around their digital marketing. Our team has extensive skills in:

  • Website development,
  • App development,
  • Event Management Software and Ticketing Systems, and
  • Optimising companies’ use of digital platforms to drive new enquiry.

Whether it is simply getting your website to get the phone to ring, or customising an entire marketing campaign down to a customised landing page for Adwords, we have the combined skills and experience to achieve amazing things in this digital space.

Our starting point is ask Why? When assessing a potential client’s requirement for digital marketing we start with the question of “Why do you want to do this”? Is it to build your brand, is it to drive new enquiry into the business, is it to be positioned as a thought leader in your industry. Once we understand the goals of the business and hence the reason for considering digital marketing, we can firstly decide the best tactical approach to the job and then make a call on how long we thing it will take to make it happen.

How to make sure that your website checks all the right boxes

With access to so many “build­it­yourself” options and pieces of software these days it is easy to think that you can build yourself a wonderful website that will be bring thousands of enquiries each day. The key however to making any website work is 25% in the building of the site and how it looks in the front-end, and 75% is the back-end work, the stuff you can’t see.

Some important  aspects to consider when building your website:

  1. Will your website work on a mobile phone, a tablet, a small laptop, a large laptop and a desktop computer. Will it work on an Apple Mac, a windows PC, an Android tablet or phone and finally an Apple tablet or phone. It must work on all devices to attract the maximum number of potential visitors.
  2. Will the website be secure enough to stop hackers from taking over and ruining your online reputation.
  3. Will the website be search engine friendly, i.e. your content needs to be structured in a way that Google, Bing and Yahoo can access it quickly and easily.

Here is a crash course in getting your first site up and running, or getting your existing site to work better:

1. Build your website using a strong customisable CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, readily available and easily supported.

2. Find a secure and easy-to-use theme to make things work properly on all devices, such as the DIVI theme.

3. Secure the site with a security plugin such as Wordfence

4. Install a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin, such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, to get your site ready for the search engines to index.


Finally start putting the site together with .content that informs and educates people in what you are really good at, but also tailored to what they are searching for!

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