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Website Maintenance is a Must

Here are some tips for your ongoing website management that will help you increase engagement

When it comes to creating your website, the work is never truly done. Once your website is live, it is important to ensure constant maintenance is undertaken to ensure it remains functional and up to date and is highly visible and engaging. Here are a few things you should be doing regularly to get the most out of your website.

Keep things current

Website maintenance is about more than just running updates – it’s about keeping your page current. Not only will potential clients benefit from an up to date website, but sites that are regularly updated with fresh information are ranked more highly in search engine results. This means that when people search for a service, yours is the first they will see.

A method of increasing search engine optimisation through content is by posting blogs containing key search terms. This will further benefit you by lending credibility and interest to your brand. The Outsource To Us team employs SEO experts who understand the importance of SEO and can create well-written content, optimised for the search terms you want to be found for.

Clean it up

Your website should be clean, clear and coherent. Check your links. Broken links are worse than useless – they look messy and draw attention away from the important things on your page. Don’t make your potential customer navigate an endless mess of outdated content. If the information is old, unimportant or redundant, delete it.

Remember that comment sections left to their own devices can quickly fill with spam, which looks bad and makes it harder for users to see the information they want. Make sure you are reviewing these regularly and ensuring there is no spam.

Update and Secure

Of course, one of the most obvious and important parts of maintaining a website is making sure software is updated as necessary. At Outsource2Us we recommend WordPress as the operating platform for our clients’ new websites, as this platform is constantly being changed and improved to increase security. When a new version of your software or your plug-ins are released, your website must be updated or you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers.

In this modern age, an effective website is vital to success. Proper maintenance will ensure your site is working hard to bring you business, and create value for your customers and clients.

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Natasha Zoller
Natasha Zoller
Natasha is our Digital Marketing Manager. She specialises in social media planning and implementation, digital marketing, content marketing, and newsletter writing, event management, WordPress website and app content management.Meet Natasha

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