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Why do my SEO Keywords Move Each Month?

Outsource2Us explains how Google’s ever-changing algorithm impacts your business’s SEO rankings.

Making sure that your business is found on Google and other search engines is imperative to your business’ success. I mean, how can you expect people to engage with your business online when they can’t find you in the first place! This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play.

In addition to being found by your brand name, a strong SEO strategy allows your business to be found for more general terms. However, SEO is not a set and forget marketing strategy. Monthly optimisation is needed to ensure that you stay as high as possible because it can fluctuate. One month you may be on the first page, and then the next you are on the third page.

There are four reasons why this may happen:

Extensive Website Changes

We often see keyword rankings drop significantly when there are large changes to a website. For example, if you’ve added a lot of new pages, or even reworked an existing page. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? These changes are usually temporary, only lasting a few weeks before it bounces back when the new pages or content has been indexed (flagged by Google as quality content).

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Google Algorithm Changes

Google regularly introduces updates to its algorithm. In fact, Google introduced 4,500 changes in 2020 alone, as a response to the many years of spam results that were making up the top page of search engine results. Introducing algorithms was Google’s way of combating this issue of spam activity and improving the overall user experience. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Unfortunately, this is why ongoing monthly SEO work is necessary, to combat these changes. Our SEO manager highlights these issues in our end of month reporting and then works to re-optimise content as required, to combat these changes.

New Competition in the Market

Sometimes we also see a group of related keywords all shift down at once. This usually indicates new competition in the marketplace. Now, this may not be a new business, but simply a business starting to take SEO seriously. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Time to write some new content. Continual new content that is optimised for your chosen keywords will help the Google algorithms understand your ‘expertise’ in a certain area.

SEO-based Changes

The last type of movement we see is between different ranking keywords. Sometimes to improve rankings in one keyword, our SEO manager will change the focus on a particular page with a different keyword. Which results in a decrease in one keyword and an almost identical increase in another ranking keyword. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This usually occurs when there aren’t continual, regular blogs being uploaded to help increase these keywords.

While SEO optimisation may seem like a complicated process, Outsource2Us is highly experienced in this area of digital marketing. We strive to keep up with the daily changes and configurations of the latest SEO updates to deliver you the best possible results.

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