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Why You Can’t Have a Set and Forget SEO Strategy

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website for it to be found in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Its main purpose is to get your website to show up higher in search results that have keywords and phrases related to your business and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Why is SEO Important to Businesses?

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for all businesses, no matter what industry you’re in, or what size your business is. SEO gives you the upper hand over competitors who are not properly optimised in search results. Having a strong presence on search engines is important because it will help you find new customers and boost your overall sales and engagement. The better your website appears in search engines, the higher your conversion rates will be.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO works by making small changes to your website design and content, including strategic placements of important keywords that will make the search engines see it as more trustworthy and user-friendly.

This is done to improve your website’s chances that a search engine will display it as a top result (or at least among the top 10 – the first page) on the search engine results page (SERP).

Activities performed outside of your website, called Off-page SEO, are also done to improve your website’s search engine rankings. Off-page SEO usually includes backlinks, linking consumers to other online aspects of your business, including social media, which will help build engagement for your website. The stronger your online presence is, the more trustworthy your business appears.

A search engine’s algorithm, particularly Google’s, crawls and indexes every website’s content and looks at hundreds of ranking factors when deciding which websites to present in the search results for user queries, and in which order.


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Why is it Important to Always Update and Improve Your SEO?

SEO is not a ‘set-and-forget’ marketing strategy. Even if you have the best designed SEO strategy, it needs to be regularly updated to ensure that your website gets the highest possible rankings on the search engine results page.

Google and other search engines periodically update their algorithms which can impact your website’s rankings, which is why you also need to adapt your SEO strategy to keep up to date with the changes.

Your competitors’ strategies are also constantly being replaced by newer and more effective ones, constantly improving their own SEO, which pushes their places further up in the organic search arena.

SEO is evolving constantly, so your SEO strategy also needs to be adapted with it to ensure your website lands at the top of consumer searches.

How Do Businesses Get Real Results Over Time with SEO?

SEO impacts businesses over time by gradually improving their rankings in relevant search results. As your rankings get higher, you can bring more relevant traffic to your site, resulting in getting more leads, sales, and brand recognition for your business.

A question most business owners have is, “how long does SEO take to show results?”.

It’s actually a tough question. Understandably, you would want a definitive answer, but as the SEO environment is always evolving, there is no one answer. One major factor, however, is your competition.

The more websites you’re competing against, especially those that are already established and have been doing SEO for quite some time, the longer it will take for your site to climb to the top of the search results. To outrank these competitors, you need to invest more effort in order to overtake them.

So, while there’s no exact figure as to how long it takes for your SEO strategy to translate into higher SERP rankings, most SEO experts however do agree on a best-guess estimate. With the right strategy in place, SEO should show results within a 6-12 month period, which means a measurable increase in traffic to your website, and a subsequent improvement in leads or conversions. You may not necessarily have reached your ideal goal at this point, but you should be able to see progress within this timeframe.

Having a thought-out SEO strategy, does take time to implement, which is why Outsourse2Us has two dedicated SEO specialists that can spend time every week working on your website to boost your websites ranking.

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