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Brand Strategy: Why You Shouldn’t Rely on One Social Platform

Outsource2Us recommends that our clients do not rely on only one social platform.

In modern society technology is a lucrative aspect of everyday life. Social media is an integral part of the technology mindset and is an important consideration in the creation of any brand strategy. Social media plays a crucial role in digital marketing and offers businesses a unique way to interact with their customers. However, it is important to remember that the social media platforms that are popular today may not be so popular tomorrow. Businesses should develop a brand strategy that does not rely solely on one social media platform to connect with customers, as there is no guarantee that channel will be around forever.

Platforms Always Change

While marketing is a necessary consideration in any new financial year budget, the tactics for implementation always change. Brand concepts or selling points that used to spread by the word of mouth, are now typically shared online. Businesses have to stay ahead of the curve and predict the next move when it comes to the social channels. Marketing managers need to be adaptable and learn how to respond to changes in the available marketing tools, then adapt their strategy accordingly. Additionally, marketing managers need to be constantly looking for new strategies to push the boundaries for the brands they take care of. Creating an overarching brand strategy will ensure consistency in messaging, when marketing at an implementation level doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is when businesses implement their brand strategy across various channels to promote their key difference and value proposition. If your brand is focused too much on one platform and that platform fails, you are at risk of having restricted access the target audience you have worked so hard to nurture. Extending your social media reach to multiple platforms will ensure that you have multiple ways to connect with your customers and prospects. The overall goal is to give customers more access to the brand and to buy things how and when they want. Multichannel marketing creates trust between a brand and its customers while keeping contact consistent. This trust will propel your business forward and ensure you engage with the maximum number of current and potential customers.

Reasons to Adapt your Marketing Plan to a Multichannel Plan:
  • Increased SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Better Customer Service
  • More options for your customers
  • A sustainable future for your brand
  • An enduring strategy that survives the constant changes in social media and other channels.

Don’t let changes in technology or marketing platforms prevent your business from reaching your target, and don’t risk exposing your brand to the loss of your database and potential connections. Having multiple platforms to interact with customers creates new chances to develop lasting relationships. Multiple platforms also allow for your business to adapt the marketing strategy and respond to the opportunities of up and coming marketing channels. A strong brand strategy will allow your business to adapt quickly and work towards sustainability.

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Natasha Zoller
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