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Why Your Child Care Centre Should Host an Open Day

Outsource2Us explains why an open day is an important marketing opportunity for your centre.

Making sure that your child care centre stands out from the rest or ensuring that you are consistently meeting your enrolment capacity, may often be a challenging task for child care centre owners. In this blog we explore how hosting an open day for your child care is a beneficial child care marketing strategy that will create awareness of your child care centre in your community.

Creating a positive and lasting impression

Having an open day for your child care centre will allow you to showcase the centre to potential families in a welcoming and engaging way. Allowing parents and caregivers to visit your child care centre in person provides them with the opportunity to get firsthand insight into how your centre operates, what facilities and activities it has to offer and what the staff are like. Participating in this form of child care marketing will ultimately provide you with the opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression on parents and caregivers, which will assist them in deciding whether your child care centre will be the right fit for their child.

Strengthening connections within the community

Hosting an open day will not only allow you to promote your child care centre but will also allow you to interact with local families and caregivers. By putting in the time and effort of getting to know those attending your open day, you will increase the awareness of your centre within the community. An open day will also provide families with the opportunity to network and get to know each other, which will further assist with fostering a community around your child care centre.

To maximise the benefit of an open day at your child care centre, make sure that you and your staff spend time interacting with the families and also have child care marketing materials, such as brochures and flyers, available to hand out. If you need assistance with developing marketing materials or organising an open day for your child care centre, reach out to our marketing team at Outsource2Us to get started.

Increasing word-of-mouth referrals

Creating a positive reputation for your child care centre within the community, will also lead to an increased level of interest from other community members. This will additionally result in word-of-mouth referrals between community members, which will in-turn increase the number of enrolments in your child care centre.

Gathering feedback and insights

An open day also provides the perfect opportunity for current and future families to provide feedback on your child care centre. This will allow you to identify areas that parents and caregivers really like about your centre, as well as identify some areas that may need improving or that could be altered to enhance the experience for both the children and their families.

If you own a child care and are looking for ways to enhance your child care marketing strategies, our marketing team at Outsource2Us is here to help! Contact us today to talk to one of our marketing experts so that we can help you to develop your perfect marketing plan.

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Meredith Melvin

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