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Why Your Website Needs to Utilise SEO

Outsource2Us discusses 4 key reasons why SEO will make a difference to your business.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) services are rapidly being recognised as a critical element in any marketing campaign. With over 1.17 billion websites in existence and a massive 252,000 websites being launched each day, it’s evident why businesses need to be making the best of the available platforms to stand out from their competition.

Now if you aren’t sure what SEO is exactly, we outlined it here! But if you already know the basics,  here are 4 reasons why we think it is worth investing in SEO:

1. A better customer experience

A 2022 comparison of Google search results found that over 50% of web traffic was a direct result of organic searches. Furthermore, the first organic search result on Google receives double the web traffic of the one in second. This extra exposure to potential customers is a great incentive to optimise your SEO.

SEO services focus on organically lifting a website’s ranking in Google search results through a variety of ways. Often SEO agencies, like Outsource2Us, focus on making alterations to your website (such as including relevant keywords and optimising the Meta Titles and Descriptions) that help establish your site as an authority on the relevant search terms. Elements such as the average time spent on the page and whether the on-page elements are correctly optimised are considered by the Google algorithms when establishing where a website should be ranked. Getting an SEO professional to identify ways to improve these areas on your website can be a powerful tool that also creates a better customer experience.

2. Beating the competition

You have to be seen to be known. If your competition is beating you in the search results chances are that they are probably going to win the work or get the sale. When considering SEO, this is the mindset you must have. Getting your website higher on the rankings than a competitor is an excellent advantage that can result in customers choosing your business over your competitors. Being able to stand out amongst the competition could be what makes or breaks your business.


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3. Gives you valuable, actionable data

Proper SEO can be viewed as an art form. And like any other art form, the right tools are needed to achieve the best results. SEO professionals can interpret the shifts in macro-level search data and convey insights gained from AI and other analytics tools (like MOZ, Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, etc) to provide actionable advice for your marketing strategy. Understanding what generates your consumers interest is vital for a business’s success.

4. Builds Consumer trust

To put SEO in context, view it as the virtual equivalent of signage. A rundown website on the third page of Google gives the same impression that a cracked and faded sign would in person. Justified or not, many consumers will not interact with websites that aren’t on the first page of Google search results. A first-page ranking on Google, or any search engine, gives an implicit feeling of trust in the quality of that website and company.

Engaging a marketing agency in Brisbane like Outsource2Us to conduct SEO services can be a great way to get new customers and revitalise your current marketing strategies.

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Natasha Zoller
Natasha Zoller
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