If you are building a new website and coming out in a hot sweat thinking about the last website you built and what a nightmare it was managing it, you need to do some planning.

Consider what you want to achieve from your website, what your current website does not successfully deliver, how you want customers to interact with it, how you will promote it and drive traffic to it.

Every developer you meet will say they are the best at it, but how do you pick the developer who is going to deliver what you need. Most businesses want their website to be a marketing tool, something that drives enquiry and is a great representation of the company brand. Most importantly contributes to the bottom line.

The outcome of our website planning workshop is a great brief that can be issued to selected developers, so that you are able to obtain comparative quotes and compare apples with apples.

It also ensures that the project stays on track every step of the way, with a clear project plan as guidance.