shakehand-150x150Professional services assist their clients in managing and improving their business. But, as a Professional Services Practitioner, who helps you to strategically identify and communicate your brand and your message, to your market effectively?

We have a long and well established history of collaborating with the Professional Services sector, supporting professional services ranging from management services through to accountancy to reach their organisational objectives. We achieve this through our proven methodology, derived from over 20 years industry experience, combined with the latest online and offline marketing tactics and strategies – creating a unique and winning marketing strategy for your business.

We will research and purposefully analyse your clients, competitors, staff and the external landscape to make deliberate brand and positioning choices. Develop a strategy and measureable marketing plan, complete with metrics, activities, budgets and calendar. Then of course assist with and project manage the implementation of the plan, which encompasses staff workshops, coaching and mentoring.

Case Studies:

  • MOQ Digital 
  • Advivo
  • Flash Point Promotions
  • Mastery of Doing
  • Executive Travel

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Jane Toohey and Hilary Knights